X-Maxx 8s EzRun 4985 SL 1650KV Upgrade

I upgraded to XMaxx 8S EzRun 4985 SL 1650KV.
The gear ratio is 18/50 M1.
First off, it's very fast. ^^;
I get a lot of heat. ;;
I need to install a cooling fan.
Jumping and high-speed driving seem to be the best.
The motor mount used JH Racing CNC aluminum.
Like the genuine parts, the gear ratio can be adjusted with dowel pins.
Of course, the existing genuine gear M1 is used and the gear cover is also assembled.
And after replacing the big servo, the servo force was too strong, so the tie rod (plastic) connecting the servo horn was bent, so I replaced it with NEW ENRON aluminum.
The steering ability is definitely working.

Traxxas X-Maxx 8s

ESC : Hobbywing EzRun MAX6
Motor : Hobbywing EzRun 4985 SL 1650KV brushless motor
Servo : POWER HD WH 65KG Digital Servo Metal Gear
Tire : Pro-Line Racing Badlands MX43
Battery : DXF 8400mah 120c 4s X 2
Body : Pro-Line Racing Pre-Cut Brute Bash Armor Body (White)
Gear : 18/50
Spring : Pro-Line Racing Dual Rate Spring Assortment
Motor mount : JH Racing CNC aluminum alloy motor fixing bracket
Tie Rod : NEW ENRON Aluminum 46MM Servo Steering Linkage Tie Rod

- PART -
RPM 81732 Oversized Rear Axle Carriers