Who's got what?


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This thing kinda got me back into RC...

Ender 3 Pro
MicroSwiss all metal hot end w/Olsson Ruby Nozzle
HeroMe Gen 5 cooling duct w/ single 5010 fan (I have no idea who would need dual 5010's as it is I run the single at 20-30% power)
TH3D EZboard

Various build plates for different materials, but I mostly use PEI and Garolite build plates.

I mostly print PLA, Nylon, and PETG

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I've had a Creality CR-20 Pro for the better part of a year and it's served me well, though sometimes I hope to upgrade to a Prusa i3


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i received this xmachines Lorei duo 12x12 with heatbed as a birthday gift from my brother in Novemder 2016


one of the fastest at this time with 1 cubic feet printing area
but they failed there kickstarter project after raising half a million $, because they redesign the printer prior to sending them to backers... bad decision, it cost to much in that way

this is my first 3D printer
got it as a kit, i finished the assembly, test and tune it by myself with lots of web search,
i had to learn how to print at the same time of knowing the good and bad sides of this dead born printer

after one year of fight, fun, 3 kg filament, 3 filament brands, some mods, a lots of patience and some ''near to be trow by the window'' period, i acheived an ok to very good quality print most of the time on the first try
and it still in use and the only printer in the house
you can see the result with my gaz66 truck here

it's an old and not up to date technology but still working well


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Hi there I have monoprice delta, tronxy p820, cr 10 have would have to say is my my tronxy p820 give me great prints better then the cr10 I have had working on the setting but just can't get it has good has tronxy


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I should add that I now have a Prusa i3 mk3+.

Easily the best, most consistent, user friendly, and fun to build printer ever.


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I have an Ender 3 Pro. Because of it I got back into RC and I?m trying to learn to print stuff. I can print PLA with no problems. ABS is a pain in the rear, and PETG is only a little better.


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I've got a small farm of modified Creality CR-10S', a CR-10 S5, an Anycubic Photon S, and an Elegoo Saturn.

I love the speed of FFF printing, but SLA gives the best details.


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prusa mk3. Being not exactly IT talent, yet I need to deal on daily basis with fcking setups of our computers in renderfarm etc.
So I did not want to mess around and bought RTR prusa, and it is debility proof and very reliable sofar. Additionally, what else should you buy when the factory sits about 2km from you over the river :)

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I'm sooo tempted by a Snapmaker 2.0 A350T. Not cheap but I heard good things. Does anyone hare have experience of one of these? Or Snapmaker in general?


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I was running the maker plus i3 I believe could be wrong in the name, it worked well for a while but the bed was always a issue to keep level and then the whole unit itself become not square anymore and after many attempts to correct the issues it never happened.


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I have an Ender 5+ I bought used. At this point I'd like for it to self destruct so that I can replace it with something more easily calibrated. To say I hate it may not be strong enough. I've rage quit that thing so many times. I'll also add that I have no idea what I'm doing, so it may be 100% user error and the little square Droid could be perfectly fine. No idea....


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I've owned the Ender 3 V2 for a over a year now. I've had some times where I've been frustrated with it but I found that most of the time its user error. There are a lot of variables and its easy to get lost in the changes.
Still only printing with PLA, had a brief spell with PETG with limited success.
A good filament does make all the difference, also recently switched over to the Prusa slicer software and that made a huge difference.
I've still got room for further setup improvements but happy with what it is producing at minute.


My main printer is a modded Creality CR10 S5, which has a 500x500x500 build volume. Creality sent me this as a reward for using my support rod design that I have shared on Thingiverse. This monster comes in very handy for my larger prints.

I also have a heavily modded CR10, and a portable CR7 Mini that can run off a LiPo battery. I used to have a Peopoly Moai SLA printer and 2 other CR10's, but sold them when I became disabled.


Still only printing with PLA, had a brief spell with PETG with limited success.
What was happening? PETG is easy to print. It does take higher temps in most cases, and different retraction settings, but for the most part it's mot much harder to print than PLA.


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i m still using my vintage xmachines lorei printer but i m planning to customize it a little more.... ::D:


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What was happening? PETG is easy to print. It does take higher temps in most cases, and different retraction settings, but for the most part it's mot much harder to print than PLA.
Hi WickedFog. It was a while ago now but I recall the prints coming out pretty messy and in some cases really brittle. At that point 3d printing was all pretty new to me and probably got lost in changing too many settings. To be honest I've not found the need for anything stronger at the minute and everything I have printed in PLA has held up just fine but if you have any tips or settings............ ::2thumbs