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Amazon had a lightning deal on the Ender 3 last week. $65 off. Discovered the sale from a targeted ad on Facebook. Otherwise I would have missed out. Have only printed some of the parts recommended to help printing as well as a milk crate and a star ornament that twisted out into a 3d shape after printing as one piece. So far it is doing a great job. Printing in PLA. Picked up some Neat Premium PLA from 3D Printing Canada. So far so good. They were selling an Enhanced PLA that claimed to be as strong as ABS.


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I've got an Anycubic Mega S. Just got it. Thanks Santa. Here it is doing it's first print. The demo owls that came with it.

Also have a Creality CR-10s at work. It works very well.



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I've got the Tevo Tornado. I'm loving it. I first thought 3D printers were something out of my price range and than I saw Josh's video's on the Tevo and I grabbed one as soon as I could. I have had no problems besides the hot end cooling fan fins just breaking off, this was due to filament strands collecting inside the housing but other than that no issues. I also have the 2nd Gen so I think a lot of the software kinks got worked out. At least parts are cheap.


I've had my Prusa MK3 for around 7 months now and am very happy with it. I got the builders kit shipped form the Czech Republic and over the course of a couple evenings put the printer together. Since this was my first printer I'm glad I went this route as it gave me a good understanding of the components and how they interact. As well the slicing software is tailored for their printer models which was helpful for a noob like myself. The printer has been rock solid for me thus far, absolutely zero issues and very happy with the print quality. I primarily print with PETG or PLA depending on the application. I did pick up a spool of HIPS recently but haven't tried it as of yet.

The biggest hurdle I've had to overcome was the 3D design software aspect. I've worked in the IT industry for the past 20+ years and code on a daily basis but 3D modelling is a completely different discipline to learn. After a few months of tutorials/casual use/experimentation things are really starting to click finally... fun times!


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So random question, does anyone run a resin printer? And is there any downside to them for RC? (Weak/heavy/etc)

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I run a variety of printers at work.

As a general rule, Resin is messy and post-process intensive. I personally run the Formlabs Form 2, an SLA resin printer for our team. Every part requires a two-stage alcohol agitated bath followed by a post-cure in a UV oven. The print quality is exceptionally detailed, but FDM has made huge strides in that arena over the last few years so it's substantially less of a selling point these days. Our Carbon 1 SLA printer is even more post-process intense, sometimes involving long post cure cycles and an absurd amount of material safety precautions (mixing resin under a negative pressure fume hood, for example).

With access to a Form 2 and a Carbon 1 SLA printer, it should be of note that for my personal one I'm shopping for FDM.


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Been meaning to post in this thread for a while...glad to see the 3D printing section on the forum now. :biggthumpup:

My home FDM printer will be three years old in March. It started life as a Makerfarm Pegasus 10" printer kit. It was a pretty fun building project, and at the time offered one of the largest build volumes for the price. Naturally I have modified it a good bit to improve performance/quality. One of the best mods I did early on was build an enclosure for it. This helps keep the temps stable and warmer which was a big deal in getting large ABS prints to not warp or delaminate. It is also helpful in containing all the micro particles that are put into the air during the extrusion process that aren't the best for our lungs. It is made from aluminum extrusion and 1/8" lexan.


I also upgraded the extruder to the E3D Titan, which works with the existing V6 hot end. The Titan allowed me to run a smaller stepper motor, reducing the mass of the extruder helping overall quality a bit. I also added an extruder fan shroud that draws air from up top. This was a nice improvement when using ABS also. The extruder fan was drawing air right across the print thus prematurely cooling and causing warping. I also added a directional cooling fan for when using materials that require active cooling (PLA, PETG, etc.) during printing.


Like most everyone else, I tried many different methods to get good bed adhesion with various materials. Painters tape, hair spray, glue stick, etc. But finally I stumbled upon PEI bed surfaces. This stuff just works...sometimes too well. I even had to dial back my heated bed temps to reduce adhesion simply to be able to remove things from it. It lasts too. I haven't been keeping count, but I think I have printed more than a hundred things on the original sheet that I installed.


So, that is my setup. Nothing super fancy, but it works and has been reliable.


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I'm running a Creality Ender 3 with few mods. Capricorn bowden tube,glass bed and waiting for the better bed springs. Prints OK


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i think I started back in 2012? with the Makerfarm prusa clone then added one of those acrylic printers because i need to print alot before an event. I then built my own using extruded alum then got the Rigidbot. All printed ok but the rigidbot was the best out of them in terms of consistency all the parts are injection molded. It may not have the best controller but mechanically it just worked. I did replace the controller board, extruder and added fans. but until now it is a good one.

I then got the Ecubemaker pro 2 which i changed to the micro swiss hotend and added a fan. Found another one and did the same. Both printers are going strong for the past 5 years. I use them mostly for dashboards or where i need an almost perfect dimensions. Now i added 2 Wanhao D9 for larger prints and fast prototyping.

I play around with settings and mostly change the hotend to microswiss when the hotend starts to jam. Print mostly with PLA and occasionally with PETG and TPU. I stopped abs because i could not make a hole in the basement to vent out. Wife would not allow me :) over the years materials get better with cabon fibre nylon for strength.

upto now i still use ski poles to hold the filaments :)



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Printing with a bone stock green Tornado, been a great machine so far, few if any troubles! Print fails can be traced back to me being an idiot for the most part. Only mods are a fang and nylon wire covers. Dubbed "The Green Bastard" but I am totally satisfied printing in PLA, haven't tried anything else. Probably just jinxed myself and it'll all go to hell tomorrow...lol


I have a 3D printer since beginning of 2018. A Original Prusa i3 MK2S. I use it a lot, mostly for RC and scale parts. Just finished building a enclosure for it. I print mostly PLA and PLA Pro and PETG, had not much luck with ABS.
It is a constant learning proces. I did notice that not all filaments are great, even do my printer is used a lot. Just printed my first body, a Ford Transit Mark I for a scaler build for my brother. Just started to learn a bit about designing and printing my own parts. Untill now it is a good investment. Only thng is that I sometimes miss a second printer.


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Picked up a Creality Ender 3, been printing in ABS and PLA mostly. Learning curve is steep but I'm getting more and more usable prints.


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I've got an Ender 3, too. I'm really enjoying the experience so far. The machine prints nicely, though one fan failed pretty quickly. Easy and cheap to fix. So far I've mostly been printing simple scale accessories I've been working on to practice my design skills.


I have an Anycubic I3 Mega. I've had it for over a year now and it's been a good machine, only needing wear items replaced (hotend, bowden tube, ultra base from my own stupidity). It was simple to setup initially and puts out good prints.


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Hi,I have the ender-5 for about 3 months now and I am really happy about it. did some improvements and learned al lot. Starting was not so difficult but improving and tuning is really a trial and error process. I have a box full of supports and trashed prints, hehehehe.
But now I found some good settings and starting my Golf MK2 project.


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I?ve used my Monoprice/Wanhao 3plus for a full year. Micro Swiss hot end, bettter fans and ducts,alloy platform. Works great on PETG but is noisier than the Creality CR20 pro that I just picked up for PLA.
OOB the Creality is a winner, first print was 10.5 hours and perfect on ?dynamic? mode(.16 layers)
Same price on both at $299.00

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I'm running an Ender 3 Pro. Only mods so far are the Creality Capricorn Bowden tubing. One of these days I'm gonna buy a roll of PTEG and give it a shot.


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Ender 3 Pro

I just ordered a Ender 3 Pro from creality3d.com

Only $209 with free shipping.

What filament should I start out with?

Total noob here.


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I just ordered a Ender 3 Pro from creality3d.com

Only $209 with free shipping.

What filament should I start out with?

Total noob here.

Congrats! I'd start with PLA. Super easy to work with, doesn't off-gas all that much, and pretty much the easiest to work with out of the gate.


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Yes, my first Tornado was a hurricane of failure. Definitely something was wrong with its brain. It would randomly Y shift inches off target. Luckily I bought it on Amazon so the return/exchange was incredibly easy. My second one seems to be much happier (printing as we speak).

Congrats! I'd start with PLA. Super easy to work with, doesn't off-gas all that much, and pretty much the easiest to work with out of the gate.

Got it assembled last night, adjusted the plate and started printing the dog off the SD card.