Welcome to Smiggin's Folly


What the hell was that?!
So excited by this, always good to see more of the Folly!
Thanks for following along!
Glad to see your making room for the 5th scale short-course trucks.
Going to annoy the neighbors real good!

Not only is this one of the finest scale areas, the landscaping is pleasing to the eye to those not into scale building. That is a tough balancing act I found especially when I did not get the OK to use common funding for a scale site of my own. Using scrap materials only goes so far but you seemed to have found the common ground with the other team member. Bravo and good luck sourcing stuff as it seems to be a common theme at the moment with everyone doing home remodels and using stimulus money.
My main goal was to not have it look like a toy truck place. I wanted it to be pleasing to the eye. Luckily dirt and rocks are readily available from work. Sometimes I even find plants growing in the wild on the properties I maintain.

Some great progress n00b.
Fully understanding the labor of love happening.
And I'm super jealous of all the trees that I'm needing too for my little area.
Honey do's and 1:1 project have me over a barrel for progress on Mine.
So keep at it and and I'll peek in at the progress.....
RedBull gives ya wings ya know, hahahahaaa It's a lot of work no doubts.
been busy working on my old Chevy truck and poking away at this when it isn’t 95 degrees or raining. What a summer.
(BUMP) To the top we go.
progress ?

You'll probably have a whole city built by now and installed.
thanks for the bump! A little progress to show.
I have planted two trees and some elfin thyme! My favorite ground cover.


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