Welcome to Smiggin's Folly


It's me again.
Looks amazing n00b.
Still a huge inspiration to this guy.

Been a wonderful adventure to watch it all come together.
More please.


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Love the giraffe!!!

And the whole place is, of course, looking stunning, nice to enjoy a couple of new vids recently!


What the hell was that?!
Welcome to Smiggin’s Redemption.
My partner persuaded me into adding onto Smiggin’s Folly this summer. She regrets that decision already now that she learned how all the rocks and dirt have to be moved, by hand and wheelbarrow. We are expanding westward out the back of the Folly. I’m leaving it open on two sides this time for easier expansion. There is still a lot of space left into the yard to fill. Much to my disappointment the price of tiny trees is the opposite of tiny so it might be a tad...barren for a while. It was initially to be Pappy Smiggin’s Redemption but once again it will be his folly. Poor old guy can’t catch a break. We’ll just say the place was heavily deforested. It’s up to him to bring life back into this pile of dirt!


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What the hell was that?!
Great to see, that Smiggins will grow ::2thumbs
And this time I'm leaving room for easier expansion
Ohhhhhh boy.
Bring on the great ness and more ideas to steal.
But they will just be your own ideas that I've stolen from you :laughing:
This is incredible. I can't wait to see the expansion
Love to see this place developing over the years.
It has certainly come a long way. Something only time can do.

I've been moving a lot of dirt. Got those trees planted too!



At the moment I'm not trying to make any trails. Just piling up dirt and seeing how it settles. I'll take some trucks and kind of find the way. I won't be planting too many trees this summer because of the heat. I'll wait until the fall when they go on clearance (hopefully) and it will be a much safer time to plant them anyway. Still lots of rocks to add.


Not only is this one of the finest scale areas, the landscaping is pleasing to the eye to those not into scale building. That is a tough balancing act I found especially when I did not get the OK to use common funding for a scale site of my own. Using scrap materials only goes so far but you seemed to have found the common ground with the other team member. Bravo and good luck sourcing stuff as it seems to be a common theme at the moment with everyone doing home remodels and using stimulus money.


It's me again.
Some great progress n00b.
Fully understanding the labor of love happening.
And I'm super jealous of all the trees that I'm needing too for my little area.
Honey do's and 1:1 project have me over a barrel for progress on Mine.
So keep at it and and I'll peek in at the progress.....
RedBull gives ya wings ya know, hahahahaaa It's a lot of work no doubts.


It's me again.
(BUMP) To the top we go.
progress ?

You'll probably have a whole city built by now and installed.