Volvo C202


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Because he was not that flexible, it took some major surgery (cutting his legs from his body, grinding about one third off his buttocks, shortening his torso and epoxying him back together), but this 50 year old Lone Ranger is now driving a car instead of a horse.



There are only a few details left to do (adding mirrors, windscreen wipers and mudflaps and painting the inside of the LEDs a few times more so that they are fully opaque). I hope to finish these this weekend although I know I'll probably add and improve some things afterwards.



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I made windscreen wipers, mirrors, mudflaps and a fuel cap and painted the inside of the LEDs so they don't illuminate the interior, so after almost 5 years (the first custom suspension parts were made in August 2018), the Volvo C202 is finished. I'll probably find some new things to improve soon, but first, let's just celebrate that it's finally finished. 🥳




For the next project, I might consider not building almost everything from scratch. I'm also still considering to build a self-driving off-road car. The loneliness due to COVID-19 tipped the scale towards a lot of work and detail in the body for this one (and I'm not going to let my software ruin it), but the idea is still on my radar. 🙂


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Absolutely beautiful build! I love all the metal/wood work and you appear to be very skilled in both mediums. I know it takes forever, but I really enjoy how much of this is scratch built.


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This thread has gotten a well-deserved move to The Guild's Finest. Congrats!

I'm really happy with the result (and working on this Volvo helped me to get through a difficult period of my life) but I wasn't thinking about it as that special. There are so much splendid builds on this site, both with extraordinary mechanics and with perfect (weathered) scale looks where it's not clear whether it's a real car or a model.

So thank you! I feel really honored. :love:

(and that puts some pressure for the next project 😁)