Volkswagen garage I'm putting togehter for my Tamiyas...


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Still a work in progress. Trying to emulate a small Volkswagen racing garage, maybe in Europe or something. I have a couple of Tamiya M-Chassis VWs I switch around in there, a rally Beetle, and a Mk1 Golf I painted in a Porsche 959 Rothmans livery. I'll be adding more accessories and stuff along the way, and eventually rafters and lights.

Untitled by Joe, on Flickr

Untitled by Joe, on Flickr


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That looks friggin awesome! Great detail work. Looks like a shadetree mechanics garage lol

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Looks fantastic, but like with most garages, you immediately find out that you need more room. With both cars in there' you won't have room for tools... time to expand!

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and to add, when someone uses the 'search' function, there's an element of risk. i am the guilty party of resurrecting this thread when i searched for VW information. but of course there's the grumble "go use the search button and google your oggle newby" - so the end conclusion is that it's an internet forum and no one will please every one. (tha'ts as kind as i can put it)

quite frankly, all knowledge is new until one sees it. at a point, i had Model Railroader Magazines dating back to the late '30s and found some of the articles fascinating.