Ultra4 Orlandoo hunter jeep


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Hi! I wish I had know about this forum when I had started this build, would have been nice to see it come together. The build is "finished" currently, but most of us know that these little rigs are never finished. So here's a quick summary of the build. So I ordered this Orlandoo hunter 1/35 scale kit 4 years ago, started to build it and had a bit of a hard time and some missing parts so i bagged everything up and then stored it away. After my family and I moved to a new house I started to gain interests in the hobby again and unpacked the rc. And started building again. I finished it and was proud of myself and immediately started tinkering and building stuff for it. Around June of last year I got aluminum axles and servo holder as well as a new steering rod. Around the beginning of this year I cut the body and have it the truck style. Around June I made it ultra 4 styled and most recently it got a diff skid. This build has been pretty special to me as I don't think I would have gotten back into the hobby without it. I recently got a 3D printer this Christmas, which I hope you guys had a great holiday. Anyways, I plan on 3D printing and designing parts in X-Design and Solidworks for my Orlandoo and 1/10. I hope you follow me through the "End" of this build! Thank you for reading!
This is a photo of the Rc, it's couldn't figure out how to get a URL in jpeg


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Looks nice!

Sorry, if it's not an actual build from start to finish, it doesn't belong in Offroad Builds.


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I clicked your link, then open in new tab, then right clicked to copy image address and put here with the insert image button, by url.

What speed motor are you using? I think the one on my Pajero 1/32 is 120 rpm (it came in the kit package with servo etc) and it is wayyyy slow. I was kind of clueless of the final speed it would have with the default motor...