"U-turn" my garden trail


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Hi !

Party is over and let the place to fall season...

A bit annoyed by those 1/5 scale leafs... :laugh:

Made fences with a branches table runner

Added more rocks

The pond is starting to become quiet with the temperature decreasing



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Leafs have almost finished to fall from the trees around, i gathered them to make compost


Winter is coming and here is the first frost


But ice is not strong enough for a 4x4 ride


Fish are going deep to find a little more warmth


I have covered the pond with a net until every leafs have fallen


Soil is hard as rock




...at the H.O.P.
I love watching the evolution and seasonal changes of these little places we make.
Thanks for the pics.


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Glad you like it Headquake !

So let's lower the temperature a little more... (-7?C this morning)

Hey Papy, wanna come for an ice fishing trip ? :lol: (orange marks are the fish)

Gecko forgot to hibernate

bears as well...



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I recently decided to extend my trail after i took a nice idea from a member of another forum who is making a crazy trail spot in his garden ::starstruck, pretty sure that 2beers will recognize this ;)

The idea is to create artificial rocks using dirt and anything covered with mortar, i hope it will turn right !

Still have this in the trailer, to be continued



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I had my trailer half-full of the sand i used to make the mortar, i decided to spread it between and around the mounts.

I have a mini Arizona zone in my garden now ! Still have to drive it for a test, pictures will follow ;)


Ethan Boening

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Looks awesome mine is coved in a foot of white snow right now. Maybe some scale winter trails in mind.

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Thanks Ethan, snow can be very cool on a trail (not too much indeed), it rarely snows where i live but some winters can be snowy

6 tiny cactus appeared in the U-turn desert, hoping the frost won't hurt them.

I chose varieties that are supposed to tolerate cold temperatures so i will see...

Also added gravel on the mounts and the sand around



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Yesterday, when i woke up i had a little surprise, so i took few pictures before going to work... Unfortunately all was melted when i came back so i couldn't drive on it ::awwcrap