"U-turn" my garden trail


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Thank you all !

Last day i collected nice rocks in a nice trail spot...

With them i gave a more mountain touch to my trail !

I gave more space between the lights, i prefer like this

I put epoxy on my tiny boats, now they can stay in the pond without becoming wet



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Hi everyone !

I set up a new bridge on the trail, here are the pics :

I added two cheap dwarf pine trees i found at ikea, i bought few there last year at the same period ;)



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I would like to be a little man, to be able to get into your park and have fun in your little world
well well done sir


It's me again.
Looks to be a hoot to drive on.
Jealous here.
Really looks to be a fun back yard trail, Neighbor kids haven't see yet have they ?
You'll have company all the time..ahaha.


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Thanks guys !

Last weekend we had friends for a dinner with their 9 years kids, we played with dolls and jerps in the garden, and this week the father ordered an scx10 for the kid. He also told me that he will order another kit for himself for Xmas...

I think they have fallen into the hobby :laughing:



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Love it when others get hooked on the hobby from our hard work and devotion. I got my 70 year old mother into it to the point she now has more $ into her rig than me, and now I'm working on my neighbor to get going with one....

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A crew of travellers came in the area and they set up a freeparty at U-turn !

Liveset !

After 3 days partying non stop, Manuel, the Dead End garage mechanic, has a huge hangover :sick:

Dance floor is hot !


Ethan Boening

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The KTM on the back. That's the best scale detail out of all the others! Great setup and thanks for sharing your masterpiece with us all!

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