Turbo Ford.... Here we go again.


It's me again.
First drive yesterday....Yay!
Its a beast, Gets the little BFG tires loose in the first three gears.
Neighbors weren't to happy probably with me running open 2 1/2 inch 3 feet long down tube only for exhaust... :laughing:
Revlimiter talking and car sliding all over the road.
Oh well ahahhaaaaha.

On wards and up wards.
Down to bolting in passenger seat and get some new exhaust on the ole girl.
Probably be done done bout time snow starts to fly.
Thanks for following along another silly 1:1 build.
More soon and hope to have a vid shortly of it.


It's me again.
Thanks dag
Ive had the little car out and about some.
Made a 25 mile round trip the other day.
Pretty amazing for what the little set up is.
I did spring a little leak on turbo antifreeze cooling line I noticed.
Hope to get it replaced today.

I ended up going with 2 1/2 inch exhaust and a cherry bomb glass pack.
Dumped it at the rear axle. blows dirt around pretty cool. sounds amazing in high boost but makes a harmonic vibration while sitting idling.
I may go 3 inch next. Not sure yet.
Been a fun little project for sure and I'm looking forward to taking it to the car shows next year.
Pinto's are getting very rare believe it or not ahahaaaaaa.
More soon, I still need to make a vid of sorts and driving experience and get it posted up.


It's me again.
Say hello to my new shift knob.
Going with a Jack theme and custom license plates.
Ordered a couple of stickers too.
Thinking about doing a cemetery for back dash area.
Jacks Bobble head needs some work over so a guy can screw it on the shifter.
More soon on that.


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I'd for sure love to see this little thing running, open exhaust and sliding everywhere, that must be pretty nuts! I'd like to hear how it sounds too. I guess the muffled sound is a bit more neighbors friendly hahaha


It's me again.
I did get a little walk around vid made now that it's all but done my friends.
Just need to get it uploaded and added here.

Was a fun little project to finish off the summer no doubts.
Already wrestling with finding and building something unique next with the other Turbo Bird.


It's me again.
I've been spying your youtube to try and find a vid of a big little critter but was unsuccessful :)
Thanks Fred
I haven't uploaded it yet.
I may try and make another better one first.

we had our first real storm and snow the other day and why most of you are slowing down for the season my work is picking up.
Propane delivery driver
Hope to get sumthing shortly done though.

My 12 Inch jack skelingington showed up.
Probably putting him on back dash so a person can see him threw window on the little car.