Turbo Ford.... Here we go again.


It's me again.
Hello and greetings my friend.
Those that know me ... Know I like to build something fun every year.
Although I wasn't planning on nothing actually for this one.

But, when a feller gave me 2 FREE Ford Turbo thunderbirds that are getting pretty rare.....
Cars that I was chasing for over 8 years, Well I just had to have them.
1986 flavors by the way.
2.3 4cyl 5 speed cars.

My father knocked a bird in the head first and implanted all drive train into a ford pinto.
Turned out amazing.
I did the same a few years back to a Mercury Bobcat, same looks as a pinto.

We still have a ton of parts and one complete 1987 T-bird with 100 thousand on the car.
As I gave the Bobcat..affectionately know as "Bad Bob" to my daughter two years ago....I need another giggle box.

So some quick phone calls and a drive down my street to a neighbor mechanic, I scored a beautiful little 1998 Ferd Ranger.
You know that truck, you ain't no stranger.... Yup a Ferd freaking Ranger..ahahahaa
$100.00 stupid score. Bad engine.
2wd, automatic of the 3.0 V6 kind.
Perfect donor rig for the Heart transplant.(y)

Thanks for looking , pics and progress shortly to another crazy fun build.


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My first car was an '83 Turbochicken, loved that car. Hard to knock a 4 banger rAnger either, especially with boost.


It's me again.
My first car was an '83 Turbochicken, loved that car. Hard to knock a 4 banger rAnger either, especially with boost.
They are a hoot.
Having computer and wifi problems but hope it's fixed today.
Current situation is stripping wire harness from one of the 1986 cars knee deep in mouse poooo.
Not much fun but hope to have some pics shortly of all the folly's.
Going forward on stripping down all three Turbo coupes.
I will be using the 1987 coupe for drive train.

More soon, thanks for looking and following along


It's me again.
Been a crazy last few weeks for life.
The small up date is.....
I managed to get one of the 1986 birds stripped down for it's goodies and gone...
Wrangled my son up and we went and retrieved the 1987 car yesterday and it's currently waiting now to be stripped down.

I will be documenting on a few of the ford forums of the build, I'm finding out theirs not much information on the 1998 ranger conversion to a 2.3 turbo. Been a Ton of research.
Going to be a huge undertaking no doubts...bye bye summer I guess ahahahah.
More soon guys.