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I wonder if you streched the WB just a hair they would not look too big, anyway - coming right along sir!

Possible. I'll give it a go. That said I wanted to try and find the stock tire size (drawings for the F5 are scarce). Will play with it and see how it works out.

Just read through the whole thread front to back. Simply incredible. And I thought I was going to be talented sticking a Proline cage in the back of a TRX-4 D110 (still don't have the cage. No thread yet. Sorry).

Ha ha that's where you start. And then a few months later you end up mechanizing Louise Bourgeois' Spider ::2thumbs

just amazing to see this starting to take shape.

As for the headquake comment i would say your right up there with him and many others. I sure if you cranked these builds in a couple of months, more people would take notice. Although us builders have been jealous of your skills since the bronco

Thanks. My motivation is definitely not to be at the top of this (or any game). Attempting to be no. 1 is a lonely business. I just like looking at things I made. Call me crazy.

I agree with the above comments! Serious skills, where is the COE as far as build status goes? Such an amazing build process.

Finished it a year ago! Jokes ;) Was waiting for a thin cutting disc to cut out the doors (razor saw is too thick), and while I was waiting for it to arrive I started on other stuffs. It's not written off, and will get done!


look like ton of work done and result so far more than amazing.

Thank you ::2thumbs

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Did you ever get back to this one?

I for sure haven't given up on it. Just had a lot of other stuff that seemed to be important when I did them...

Finished scratch-built stuffs -


Missing from the photo are a Ford CMP, Volvo C303, a Suzuki LJ80 and a Land Rover Series I, all of which I gave away. Also missing is the Cross RC Ural which I forgot to add to the photo.

Unifinished stuffs -


Man the hood on that COE is so old it's actually yellowed with age :yikes:

Missing here is the Volvo L3314 which I only started a week ago or so, the snow plane which I only started this week, a MST RMX 2.0-based Hakosuka, a Tamiya TT-02-based BMW 2002.
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SuperScale in Germany is in June and I like taking something new and unseen to events like that, and so I decided to dig out the from-5-years-ago COE. It was high time anyway since I've been caught up writing software so haven't done anything RC in months :rolleyes: oh except a Tamiya Alfa Romeo GTA. Didn't even get around to testing the snowplane because I was too busy snowboarding!!

Anyways, got the doors cut out and still cleaning up the body.


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Sloooow going :yawn: First thing I made was that cross-thingy because the styrene strips on frame thing was way too weak.


Here it is without all the clamps.


And what it will look like, quasi-sort-of...


Made the light buckets,


And looked like this at the end of it...


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So the grill is done. It's been one of the more challenging things I've made, but it's there.



The only piece of construction left is the tailgate. After that it's assembly (motor, dash, bench seat), then clean-up, trimming, and paint.

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Thank you for all the props from all-y-all :luv: Apologies for being lazy and not responding to each in turn - I got hit with the mother and father of all the flu (happily not the Coronas - tested myself three times). Haven't had the flu/lurgy/cooties since the Coronas hit in 2000 so this is doubly uncool.

And that state of affairs is responsible for one of the biggest dumb*ss things I done in a while - check this pic out...


Looks more like Fard than Ford. And what's not so apparent is that it's not centered vertically. The biggest problem is that the tailgate has three raised sections which I completely forgot about - see below ::awwcrap


I'm going to bed now (in Europe it's about that time) and will try again tomorrow. At least it's an opportunity to clean up that logo. Feeling well stoopid right now :smoke:
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Atleast your logo is 'Fard' insead of a 'Fart'.
. Pop open the top notch in the cursive O?
. Practice a bad Irish accent for talking about your truck?

We know ya just oversized the center panel to easily fit the letters, then once cured you'll pick how to center everything when trimming parts.