trans for prerunner build?


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im working on a custom prerunner, and wondering what transmition and motor would be best. im planning on using a motor from my slash that i no longer drive (titian 12t 550). this is going to be a 1/10 scale build and the motor is out of an 1/18 scale slash. i feel like the speed should be ok with the right gearing but i would much appreciate suggestions and tips on what would be the best. also spending less money would be ideal.


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well it will depend on what skid and frames you plan on using .. also RWD or 4WD? any extra features on the drivetrain. There is so many options. but getting the base would best. Transmissions and transfer cases tend to be more costly than the motor specially brushed ones like the titan.


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Im using the ifs 2 in the front, and aftermarket element solid axle with stock gears in the rear. Gettin something with high and low gear is tempting but i dont feel like ill use that a whole lot. Im custom building a frame and everything else besides the suspension components. This truck is going to be AWD. I recently got the hobbywing fusion se for my crawler, it seems smooth and i may use that for the prerunner. i dont even know where to start with looking for transmittions this is my first full custom build so im learning whats to look for still.


I'm more or less facing the same issue, but with rwd instead. I did buy one of these ( after a user on here said it worked, but mine started squealing horribly and essential falling apart after not even an hour of testing.
Another option is the Element Stealth X transmission, Double Clutch Productions on YouTube uses that and says its good, but I've never tried it and the price is pretty steep.
I'm currently making my own, combining old bearings and gears with the shaft from the chinasium gearbox. Haven't tried it yet, but I reckon a custom one is the way to go if you have the skills, tools and parts.