Trail Finder 2 more speed


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Have Trail Finder 2 Mojave Midnight Edition. Stock motor and stock electronics. Would like to keep running NiHMs batteries. Is there any brushed motor that would give me a bit more speed than the stock one??


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If you've got the stock 45T motor, you could try swapping that out for a Holmes Hobbies Crawlmaster Sport 540 13T - I've done that with a number of builds over the years and it offers a significant amount more rpm, plus is nice and smooth - all for around $15.

You could and/or also try a slightly larger pinion gear on the motor - stock they are 14T, perhaps go up to 17T for example?

I'd also seriously consider swapping to LiPo batteries - just a 2S [shorty] is more than enough, although you'll probably want a compatible ESC (as I'm not sure the stock RC4WD is Lipo compatible?)* - if you go that route the Hobbywing 1080 is an excellent unit - very quiet and programmable with the included controller, for around $40-45.

*edit. seems their Outcry III ESC does have a Lipo cut-off as standard, so you could stick with the stock ESC for the time being too.

Hope that helps!


Where'd I put that 2mm driver?
I believe the Outcry III is a rebranded Hobbywing 1060. Going to a lower turn count motor or a bigger pinion would increase wheel speed, but I'll put out another recommendation for swapping over to LiPo if you can. Even just a 2S LiPo would give you more wheelspeed, and a 3S would probably be more than you're wanting. Both would give you the added benefit of likely longer run times as well.


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Thanks! The stock ESC is compatible with LiPos. But Im running a full interior and for what Ive seen with LiPo batteries they seem kind of bulky and will not fit with the interior in place. Right?


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Will keep the LiPos in mind. Is the charging more complicates or troublesome with LiPos? I have a good charger with LiPo balance capability but have never used that function.


the only complication is the fire risk, which although quite low is still there. Just a fire proof charging bag or box will prevent that.