Toyota FJ 40 series, inspired Build [SCX10.II, 2021 Lockdown Build]


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I’ve been working on a custom build and time to start sharing the progress [as its nearing completion], its styled on the Toyota FJ 40 series, inspired by the below

FJ45 insperation.JPG

FJ45 insperation 2.JPG

I’m using the cab part only from the MST J45C, on the Axial Raw Builder Kit chassis with all the other parts [axils & transmission] with a custom made flatbed with no sides. The scale is around the 1/8th [Front half, Cab, Bumper etc 1/9th size]. I have extended the wheelbase out to 360mm [14 ish inch] so the back half is more 1/8th.

I was hoping to use some parts from an older RTR with high clearance chunky links but had clearance issues. I still wanted to keep the orange undercarriage theme.
I found a site that has parts for many brands and models in a variety of colours and purchased the links for the SCX 10.3 Gladiator for the longer wheelbase with 10.2 links in the front along with shocks and motor plate.

The base is the SCX 10.2 Kit with the rear links from the SCX10.3 to get the longer wheelbase, the only change was to front diff, I installed overdrive, and the spur/pinion were changed to a belt drive. This is paired with the Fusion 1800kv Motor, it has a far bit of speed 17km/h [10.5mi/h] as the spur is much smaller than the stock and has the benefit of the slower motor.

Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Servo is 35kg Amazon special

Tyres Hyrax knock-off from Amazon

Foams: Front [Soft] – Proline Duel Stage

Back [Firm] – Proline Single Stage

Wheels/Rims RC4WD 5 Lug Wagon 1.9 Steel Stamped White Beadlocks

Front bumper - well to find something looking like the ones in the picture I found the bumper [Bull Bar] from a 1/14 Semi

Rear Bumper/ light Bar is also from a 1/14 semi

Colour will be the Classic Tan [AS-15] I will spray the inside with PS-55 flat clear for the AS-15 to stick to with a White roof, at this time I’m not sure if I will also do the flat on the outside as well to dull it down or leave it shiny.

So this is how it looks so far

The MST Cab with the Honcho bumper and my custom mounting plates [will be black] for the Flatbed the rear links hadn’t been changed at this stage


Made some changes to the front and rear bumpers


The space between the top of the wheel and the underside of the tray is to much. I was going to make some wheel arch’s to fill in this space, then found that Killer Bodies make them this will save some time.

wheel space.JPG

Now I just need to pull it apart, paint and add the trim.


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I've found time to do some more work, and installed the wheel arch’s, I feel that the fill the gap well. The body is now painted as mentioned earlier I used the Tan with the White roof and decided to spray the PS 55 Flat Clear on the outside as it was too shiny for the look I was wanting. It’s slowly coming together just need to add the trim and I feel I can call it done.




This thing looks wild. The oddly small yet proportioned J40 body, the massive Roadtrain bumper and the seemingly huge tires.

It's very stylized but it all works very well together.