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I was going through some junk, and found this transmission I made in 1990. I was 19, so I obviously knew everything. Could I do better today? Barely.

It has a few fun parts from Yokomo and Kyosho, along with belt and pulley from a local company that's still in business:

I had it in some sort of cobbled-together chassis beneath a Bolink Beetle. It had swing-shaft suspension front and rear, and was kinda fun to drive. This is all that remains. If anyone has old, semi-embarrassing work they want to share, this might be the spot for it.

It's terrible in a quaint way, and maybe you appreciate that sorta of atrocity as much as I do.



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I'll have a look through my RC photo archive this weekend, I'm sure I have something...
In the meantime, thanks for the SDP link, I'd forgotten all about them!
I've ordered from them several times years ago, glad to see them still around... and bookmarked!
I can't, nay, don't want to, remember how many hours I've spent looking through their products off on some fringe RC idea.


That looks a lot like a Heng Long RC tank transmission, just with a belt instead of a mess of gears. It's certainly a weird thing!


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Here is a camera mount I made back in 2004 to try some aerial photography. The only label I have on this photo is 'sad mount'.