TF2 R4 transmission swap


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Hello everyone,

I've purchased a while back a TF2 Marlin.
It was one of the most "silent" rigs I have.
The original transmission was very silent.

I bought the R4 transmission which I've just installed now.

After setting 4 times the mesh I'm quite sure it's done properly.
The issue is that this transmission, after installing it, is very noisy and doesn't seem right to me.

Can anyone let me know if this is how it's supposed to sound or is there something wrong with mine?
There's a video in the FB group page for reference.
I could post a fresh video if required.

Should I open and inspect or this is how a transmission with maybe 15 pinions inside should sound?

Thanks in advance


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You should always disassemble and inspect your transmissions and differentials. In case need to lube it. Or shim it.


RC4WD use to be pretty bad about having their stuff properly greased and shimmed.

So if it's an older stock R4 then it'll probably need a quick rebuild. But what kind of noise is it making? (I cannot watch the FB video as I don't have an FB.)


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Thanks for your replies!

The transmission is new out of the box.

When I got it (July '21) I have opened it to change one pinion for getting some amount of overdrive; it was properly greased.

It is also visible at the other end (inside the transfer case) that there is a decent amount of grease from factory.

Having limited rebuild instructions I am not too eager on opening it but if that's what it shall I do šŸ˜…

Here is a fresh video (the one with the remote to see the throttle input)
Wetranfer link

It sounds too noisy for me. Something does not seem right and, again, the mesh was set and reset. I am quite convinced it s not the source.


That sounds quieter than my R3 single speed equipped trucks!

But the R4 does have more gears than the R3, so you could just be hearing that.

But perhaps check the transfer case? I've found mine to be super noisy sometimes.


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Thanks for your confirmation.

At the end of the day I'm looking to know from someone owning that transmission or knowing more about rc4wd stuff if it is normal.

I checked the output shafts and they spin freely with no binding. Obviously by hand can not be turned but with a hex driver it runs smooth. The only thing I can feel are the "rotatiom bumps" coming from the engine poles/magnets.


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I checked now.
The previously installed transmission was the R3 which was extremely silent.

I am not very familiar with the names of rc4wd lineup. šŸ™ƒ


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So I am overwhelmed with joy to see there was a loose e-clip inside and also, according to a gcm video that I found on YouTube I have just one bearing instead of 2 in one part of it