Tevo Tornado Power Question


Hello Printer People,

Mr Guy and others that have the Tevo Tornado got me looking into it, and my biggest question is regarding the power cable. Seen some with European style plugs, and others with US 220 plugs. I do understand that the heated platform is better with 220, but I'd like to use this in my soon-to-be-completed basement work area that only has 110.

Do I need to find a US specific 110 model? I understand there is a switch on (some?) power supplies to choose 110 or 220, but what about the plug?

Any other things I should look for or look out for?

Many thanks!



Putting it in "H"
If you order from Amazon like n00b did, I'm pretty sure it comes NA spec. The power supply does switch from 110 to 220, but again, should be set properly if you order from a North American supplier. When I ordered direct from Tevo, I had to choose all the options.

The PSU that is included, sucks. I replaced mine after it died 2 months into ownership. These are fiddly machines, but once properly setup, can offer some tremendously good prints.