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Where do y’all get your taps from ? And what sizes I work with 1/10 scale mainly tf2 but want to start making my own cages and stuff so I want to get a good set of taps or few singles.


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I get all of my taps (and most of my tooling) from Kodiak cutting tools. Very sharp, USA made, HSS taps at reasonable pricing for a quality tap. They carry standard hand taps down to 1.6mm, spiral point taps to 2mm for through holes, and spiral flute bottoming to 3mm for blind holes.

Any of the industrial suppliers - McMaster-Carr, MSC, Grainger, Zoro, etc will also carry quality taps. I haven't been impressed with the asian made taps I've used from home improvement stores, amazon, or the bay. Usually dull when new, they generally work in the larger sizes, but the smaller you get, the tougher the material, the more important quality becomes.

My choice is just based on my experience and preferences though. Budgets matter, and lots of people do very good work with more affordable tools than what I tend to purchase. If someone uses Irwin or HF taps and they are happy with the performance, then it seems they made the right choice for them.


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I have had good results with taps from victornet.com. Metric sizes down to 1.4mm in several styles and even left hand. Also great source for miniature drills and milling cutters.


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Hobby sized taps I've just ordered from McMaster along with matching bit size. I've only done this twice, 3mm and forget the other size it's been so long go. When I've looked at sets they were pricey, individuals were only a few bucks and so far have proven to be good quality. Although honestly don't get a lot of use.