Tamiya CC-01 FWD Drag build


Hey guys,
It's been a few years since I've been on here but have recently got back into RC and thought it was time for another custom build.
I've had an incomplete CC-01 chassis for a few years now that I got from H2Micr0 and thought doing a custom build would be just what he wanted.

The initial idea of the build was to construct a working car from spare parts that I had lying around. I used the solid rear axle from the CC-01 for another build a few years back, so that more or less forced this to be a front wheel drive build.

Anyway, this is how it started. Started with some shorter shocks


Made a four link set up with some aluminium angle, links from a SCX10 and hubs from a M-05



Used some aluminium angle with the correct wheelbase drilled in to make sure it was all lined up correctly (sorry, this image should have been in the previous post)


The shorter suspension meant that the car now had quite aggressive negative camber, which wasn't ideal for a car that needed the most amount of rubber on the ground. So I made some adjustable links and pushed the camber back out to neutral


The more I worked on it, the more I disliked the aluminium axle. It just annoyed me. So I decided to go against my initial criteria of using spare parts, and bought a solid axle from eBay. It was super cheap, and I guess I got what I paid for as it's not very well made and I can't see it lasting too long

Anyway, it looked much neater and I was happy with it for the time being


Anyway, I got some electronics in there - I had a 3.5T brushless motor laying around so whacked it in and made a little custom mount for the body. I know, I know, it's a GTR and I'm using it for a FWD chassis...but it's a body I've had for many years and really wanted it on a chassis. So here we are..



It was time for the first test drive. I took it into the street, did a few runs back and forth and it seemed to drive quite well. Until I hit a "cats-eye" reflector on the road and sent it flying. Hit hte ground and pieces went everywhere...


Was time to go back to the drawing board and make it a little tougher


I decided to use some different shocks on the rear and got them mounted up with some custom steel bits
Also used a piece of aluminium to reinforce the axle. The axle came as three pieces, with the ends screwing in with some extremely fine thread that I could just see never holding together


The whole thing is quite rudimentary, but it works, and I'm happy for now. I may go back and try to neaten it up a bit. I also forgot to say that I ended up swapping out the shorter of the four link set up for one from a MST CMX and feel it works much better


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Nice idea and custom fab work! Sorry it ended up partly in pieces. Maybe rebuild it as independent rear? With some multi link setup, or a solid trailing arm (one piece with the hub) and two transverse links to locate the hub laterally. There is no center structure on the CC-01 rear so that would be more work to get the lateral links to attach somewhere...
Edit: I posted while you were posting the other update, looks like it is already rebuilt! :laughing:

Are you running the front diff locked or unlocked? I think these came with an optional locking piece you could put in the diff. Not sure if you want it locked or not for FWD drag though.

I see quite a bit of different wheels and tires there, some 30mm wide Tamiya adjustable offset wheels in the last broken pics? And what about the front wheels and tires in the first pics, the minilites, are they wider wheels too? They look quite meaty!


Hey mate! Haha yeah it's all back together now but I'm yet to test it in it's current form. I haven't locked the diff yet, but had been thinking about it. When I was initially testing it, the turning circle was really tight and it drove quite nimbly, which I really liked. But it was intended to be a "drag car" after all, so agility in steering I guess isn't a priority. I may lock the diff just to for the sake of curiosity.

In regards to wheels, I've tried a million different combinations haha. The minilites up front are what I decided to go with in the end. They're 31mm wide HPI Vintage wheels and tyres. The inside of the wheel is much larger in diameter than the outside so that it clears hubs etc but has the look of a fatter tyre on the outside, if that makes sense. I'm using some standard 26mm wide HPI X-pattern tyres on the rear mounted on some 7mm offset aluminium wheels. I'm not a huge fan of having different wheels on the back and front, but performance wise, it feels like it handled the best.

I'll get some video soon and upload it


I ended up locking the diff and feel it drives much better. Picks up more quickly and the turning circle hasn't been affected too much. Here's a video I took before locking the diff. Top speed is actually quite good once it picks up and stops spinning the wheels haha


Cool project, that's really unique!

I actually liked the first aluminum U-channel rear axle, it looks like a lot of the goofy torsion bar rear ends most of the really boring fwd family cars use.

I'm kinda suprised you're staying low profile tires, and aren't going for some big Drag radials on it


Thanks Frizzen! Unfortunately finding drag style tyres that look scale realistic has been hard. There are plenty out there, but mainly for the Short Course Truck converted drag car scene, and they're far too large. The most "drag" looking ones I have are these HPI Vintage tyres that I mentioned earlier, with the smaller diameter rim on the outside. I suppose width of tyre is the most important thing, not sidewall thickness as they're never going to act like a 1:1 drag tyre and flex etc. So the best thing I can do for more traction is add a wide tyre, I guess!


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I think the vintage tires looks good, and not too large. Being 31mm wide and with the fake sidewall makes for pretty meaty rubber! The new adjustable offset tamiya wheels look very nice too, I guess this is the non-drag look :) I have a set of staggered width wheels of that type (similar but another face type, 5 spoke white), it is cool to be able to adjust the offset perfectly to the body.

In the other drag tires alternatives, I have found the tamiya semi racing truck tires to look a bit like drag tires (tamiya part # 51589), they are Tamiya M chassis (mini) sized in wheel diameter, and the outer diameter is a bit higher than regular touring car. Then you can find M chassis wheels you like, they are a bit tall for normal touring car bodies, but FWD drag car tires can be quite tall in real life anyways. Thing is the M chassis wheels don't really match the look for a drag car.. this below is a modded wheel (M chassis wheel outer ring, with some other drift wheel center). Edit: but they are not very wide though, same as regular touring car tires.


Other tires idea for drag tires could be the Tamiya F104 (formula 1) rear wheels and tires (tire is part #54199, wheel is 54201), they look awesome, are wide slicks, and meatier tires/smaller diameter wheel. They have quite high offset though, and use 14mm hexes. I modded mine to grind the back a bit and have more clearance (because they had crazy deep hex cavity). I just ground it down from the back to have like 5mm of hex cavity, and at the same time make some space for suspension components. Here is what it looks like next to the narrower (26mm) HPI vintage tires, and the racing truck tire I mentioned above, on the left:




Ooooh thanks heaps for the info Frederik! Very much appreciated. I had come across across truck tyres and almost got some but though I'd be better with 31mm width, so decided against them. I also had seen the F1 ones but was unsure if they'd fit properly. I do really like the look of them and I have a little obsession with rc wheels and tyres so might see if I can get some. Thanks again for the info

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Nice ideas going on here.

The cc01 is such a cool, weird and versitle chassis. I've seen them doing class 2 Offroad comps, to a guy I came across on Instagram who swapped in a scale accurate MacPherson strut in the front, removed the front drive shafts, runs a ae86 body and drifts it agains all the fancy expensive drift cars.