SSD Trail King


I also very much enjoyed my TK build. Was the first Kit I built in many years as I got out of RC around 2012.
And it is an excellent rig. I'm still fiddling and tweakin.

Had 120mm shocks with pen spring mod in full droop. ended up being too much movement and back to stock SSD Shocks, but thinking of putting on a set of 112mm I have here on my RedCat once I get shafts for the stock shocks on it.


They're Orange, but thae dark makes them look red in some pics.

Ya, the stock steering angle is out of sight on these rigs. both I had were killer.

I think SSD claims 53*. And I believe it though I have never checked it, it sure does make nice little circles driving. lol
I'm digging the Rover body. Where did you score that lil beauty?
It’s from Club 5 Racing. Overall I like the body kit but man it was a pain to assemble. Tiny Phillips head hardware that strips easily. A magnetic screw driver would be a must.

what brand is your blazer body? Looks good.


I didn't on this rig. lol

I was going for "Redneck puts Blazer Body on 2500HD Frame" look.

If you look close you can see the rear wheel well has bee trimmed as has the front of the front well area so the wheels don't hit/rub the body.

I thought about centering the rear wheel, which would have pushed the front wheel farther forward, and would have been more 'Redneck" looking no doubt. lol
Ah I see. I’ve been thinking of picking up a second body for my trail king to run bigger tires and I like the k5 a lot. What did you do to mount the body? Skinkz mounts?


Fabbed up a few of my own. For the rear, I took 2 SSD body mounts, trimed them down and mounted them to the out side of the chassis rails which allowed me to use the 2 holes in the back of the bed area . They lined up almost perfect and keeps the body as low as it can be. a couple small body clips to hold the body down on the mounts.
You can see the two rear mounts here.

for the front I checked things over and noticed the front part that was made to help space/mount the rc4wd bumper, pretty much sat over the holes in the metal rcAwd bumper mount I used (over the stock plastics) So I had a small pieces of metal that had 2 holes that just happened to be the same width as the holes in the aftermarket mount. So I used a few longer screws, through the holes on the metal pieces I had, and threaded it into the 2 holds on the bumper mount. The placement couldn't have been better if I made it to work opposed to it just happening.

Basically the two screws go right down the inside corner on the center part of the body, and thread into the mount below, and the metal scrap pieces I used essentially pinch that front tab on the body to the mount.
The Center piece the hangs down for the actual bumper itself was cut off flush.

Lining up of body and rcAwd aluminum bumper mount.

Tab for bumper mount that was removed hanging down in this pic

Shot of the line up for the bolt holes on the inner corners on the front tab part of the body.

Decent shots of the 'metal scrap pieces' I'm using to pinch the body snug in the front.