SCX24 ECX Barrage Motor Mount


Let me 3D print that...
Now available for the Axial Racing SCX24 is a 3D printed brass motor mount that lets you install the 1/24 ECX Barrage motor into the SCX24. As folks modify and add weight to the SCX24 the stock motor starts to struggle and many report early failures. A popular upgrade motor is the ECX Barrage motor. It is a FF-050 motor which is a similar format but longer. This motor has good low end and more torque than the stock motor, but has a different hole pattern than the stock 030 motor. Some folks have drilled their mounts to accept the barrage motor with mixed results.

The Mod19RC ECX Barrage motor mount takes the guesswork out of the swap. It is a direct replacement for the factory motor mount and allows you to use either the stock motor size or the Barrage motor size.




The stock battery tray needs to be modified for the the larger motor to fit. The Mod19RC Low CG battery tray does not work in it's current design, but the Super Low CG battery tray will work by removing one leg of the mount and cutting it flush with the side of the tray. (see pics) This motor will fit in the Micro Shark conversion. If the Micro Shark was purchased before 12/23/19 then you will have to clearance the interior crossmember to get it to fit correctly. Micro Sharks purchased after 12/23/19 have this clearance already added.




The ECX Barrage Motor mount can be found in the SCX24 section of the Mod19RC Shapeways store here: