Scalin a comp truck


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For a while now I have been wanting to get more into the performance side of our local comps than the scale side. However, I decided to try and make my comp truck as scale as possible without affecting performance...too much lol

First off I started with a good setup. Gspeed chassis, with a front mounted motor and transfer case. Proven setup in other trucks, we'll see how it does in one I build lol



Than of course I had to pick a body. I know its been done hundreds of times, but I love the crew cab yota bodies. So that was promptly ordered and test fit.



Than I started some body work. Of course bobbed the rear, but also cut out the grille to do some things with for the scale side.



Still got lots to do, but enjoying working on a hardbody again.


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Hmmmm, scale truck + comp truck........ :hmmm: You could call it a "Scamper"! ;):loll:
Looking good so far mate. :biggthumpup:


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Got the body glued back together and now to start body work.


One of the things I was worried about was tire coverage. Seems like alot of people are flaring the factory fender flares. So i gave it a shot. Its not perfect by any means, but it definitely increased the tire coverage. Now I just need to get the wheelbase dialed in and it should be good.





Scaled, but not fishy.
Noice wheel arches! :biggthumpup: Looking very scale/comp so far. ;)
I think Mat is onto something with that "scomp" name.......:hmmm:
When someone comments on how well it performs and scale it looks out on the trail, you could reply......

"Yeah, I'm just scompin' with my G-Speed".... :laugh::laughing::loll:


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Nice work! What's it like to drive a truck that performs good?
I wouldn't know yet lol Still working on it, but works been busy so haven't had much time to finish it.

Could you please give some words on how to flare the fenders?

I used a heat gun, and a glass jar about the same size as the opening. And just slowly heated the plastic up till they started to flare out. I did end up getting some spots to hot so it deformed a little, but now it looks a little beat up instead of nice and new lol


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Subbed! My younger brother is looking to build a comp soon after we finished installing the brake pads plus tire mounting and alignment this week, and deliver it to the next owner. Your build looks awesome.


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After getting this together into a running truck I of course took it all apart to change things lol.

I liked the 10.3 straight axles on it, but wanted to tuck the tires just a bit more. So axles got swapped out for some Beef Tubes narrow AR44's. Now I have the tires sitting exactly where I want. I can even go narrower on my hubs a little and get complete tire coverage.




And while the weather was nice a group of us got out and had some fun. I ran the truck a little just for testing, and so far it does great. Took a bit to figure out how the truck wants to be driven as I have been using my Venture for c1 for 2 years now lol.




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Those tires tuck up very nicely: love those narrow ar44's.

Looks like a beautiful spot to run. Since I live in a forest, any place that you can see for miles is intriguing to me.


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Great work on flaring those arches, if I took a heat gun to a hardbody it would become unrecognisable. I like the idea of making a scomp truck ::2thumbs