Sand Scorcher: Dakar Rally build


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No words for this. Completed looks the part!! but that front view without shell does it for me. You could easily skipped all that detail...
I keep coming back to this thread thinking the same thing. I keep seeing details and thinking 'this is the sort of thing I would skip, which is why I am not this good at modeling' :) This is a masterclass in attention to detail and craftsmanship... I need to take notes.


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Another upadte on this build - I finally got some driver figures done!

I started out buying two Tamiya 4x4 driver figure sets to use as a starting point, thinking that would get me most of the way along. However, even though they are supposed to be 1/10 scale, they are not the same 1/10 scale as the Sand Scorcher. The heads were noticably large and the hands seemed to resemble lobster claws. So after a liitle pondering, this happened:


I chopped them into little pieces. This allowed me to shorten each limb slightly and also to repose the limbs to fit the interior. I had one driver head of the correct scale that came with the Sand Scorcher, so that became the head for the co-driver. The hands are solid plastic, so I was able to trim them down and reshape them.

I noticed that the figurine kits came with extra head parts, and some are actually a proper 1/10 scale (seems a bit odd that a single body would come with different sized heads, but anyway). So I took the correct sized face and made up my own helmet to fit. This is how it started out.


After a lot of carving, reshaping and limb realignment, the figures started to take shape. The figurine kits didn't have legs, so these were added and carved to shape. Boots were added later also.


Initially the steering wheel was mounted to the dash assembly, but this now made it imposssible to assemble the dash into place since the dash comes in from above, but the wheel has to fit into the driver's hands from below. It was so tempting to replace the wheel with a plastic one glued into the driver's hands and call it done, but I resisted. In the end I had to remount the wheel to a different part of the structure.


So after some detailing, we have a driver and co-driver, all belted in place (and what a pain it was to get the belts secured!).



Co-driver is holding a note book with the route notes for the stage.


I am happy that even though I started with two identical figurine kits, I was able to produce two very different looking characters.


So now the Sand Scorcher looks complete. All that remains is to do a running video...someday.


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The drivers look awesome - well done!

I especially like the notebook with route notes in the co-driver's hands. I assume the next step in this project is to build a scale accurate rally course that matches those route notes! 😉