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Positive buying experiece!

Placed an order through their website, it was shipped within 24hrs and received in my hand in Grande Prairie AB 9 days from when I ordered it, super fast. Prices were great too and only had to pay the taxes for the customs fee. Definately recommended.


RPP and Corey = Amazing service!

Just wanted to throw out a quick shout out to them. Helped me out completely and were fast at getting back to me.

Shipped out super fast too!

All around great shop


Putting it in "H"

I made a big order two weeks ago and got everything very quickly. In fact, there was an upgrade to one product (mistake made in the order filling I'm sure) and when I discovered the mistake, and decided to keep the upgrade, I emailed Corey to arrange for the extra payment.

He was very happy that I contacted him, and offered me a free T-shirt on the next order for my honesty.

Stand up guy and great customer service.


Gold Vendor Feedback - RPP Hobbies

Just received my first RPP Hobby order. ordered on Sunday...arrived at my door (but i was not home!) on the following Friday.

the only downside is the HST charge that customs wanted :huh:. this is no fault on RPP. parts arrived well packaged in 5 working days. 2 thumbs up :biggthumpup:


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Glad to see this thread :)

Placed my first order with them 2 weeks ago. they had it shipped first thing the next morning and it was at the border in under two days :)

3 days after that it was at my door

good over all experience and already lining up my next order!

ol Swede

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Recently had the same experience from RPP. Order was pulled & shipped the next day. Everything was right & parts as described,


RPP Is Top notch! I have been using them for a while and thier service is great! :beerchug: Thanks Corey!


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I have made I think 4 or 5 purchases from RPP and each and every time I have ordered it seems that the items have shipped within an hour! They are absolutely awesome to deal with, and have become my go to online Scaler Shop. Its always a pleasure to deal with RPP!


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I've ordered from them several times over the last year and haven't had a single problem. They usually ship the same day and if not the next, and all the parts arrive well packaged and in good condition.



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In the Order Comments box I asked they use recyclable packing material such as paper rather than the usual popcorn foam. And guess what, they did and the shipping guy wrote "Sure thing" on the packing slip.:rock:

And if you go look in the RCCrawler.com forum under Chit Chat you'll see a thread that will REALLY impress. Hint, just think of something funny to ask for in the comments section of your order 2thumbs


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Don't know why I didn't come across this sticky before, I ordered my steering kit from them, it shipped within 24 hrs, and was in my mailbox 3 days later. excellent service


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Do you know if they send the goods to Poland? :D

Now I know they are sending to Poland :laughing:
Yesterday I have received the shipment,
RPP- perfect service :biggthumpup:


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THANK YOU ! Not my first order -- and definitely not the last ...I am a satisfied customer!

They are fast and reliable, ship very fast -- ::2thumbs

(so the only "problem" is the customs in Germany --- this takes time ....)


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RPP is typically my default go to vendor. Stocks good and there package handling is the best I've seen in the industry. Shipping times? I live within 200 miles of them so it more about package handling and prep at there end which once again is excellent.


ordered twice from them. only issue is with their order tracking. both orders said "in process" even 2 weeks after i got the item. got them item alot quicker than i expected too. love the prices.


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I'm long overdue to leave some feedback for RPP.

In late 2013 I made several orders from RPP. Since I only visit America once a year at most I ordered several items to stock up and bring back with me.
- 1.9 Gearhead ENK's and tires for a future project. These wheels are gorgeous! The quality is top notch.
- An Axial Dingo kit for a future project plus a bunch of electronics accessories. Great pricing and quick delivery.

It seems like everything with RPP is super-quick... their responsiveness to email queries and their shipping speed stand out above everyone else out there.

Thanks Corey!