Reducing noise.


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Hobbywing AXE systems are nearly silent.
No whine, no hum, no buzz. just movement.

As a Bassist, Live Audio Engineer, and your basic nerd audiophobe, I hate whine. lol
Sounds like feedback and I keep wanting to grab that damn 5k slider and pull it down. lol

I was really pleased with how quiet they are.
Yes, I was thinking of buying a Hobbywing Fusion, but depending on the transmission I will choose, the AXE model will be better suited.


I found this video where different servo are tested and the Teckin T-440 is tested at 3:44 min, it really doesn't make any noise.

Ya, Francis does some good reviews. Pretty straight forward.
check out his Reefs 555 review. Its pretty interesting.

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I currently run a reefs servo and a hobby wing fusion system, and both are basically silent.

As for the transmission, plastic gears are strong enough unless you are particularly hard on the truck, or it ends up weighing an awful lot.