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So almost a year ago, I did up a Phoenix portal to deliver our rings at our wedding.
After words when I took it for a few crawls... the paint was coming off.
I got a new Phoenix body/interior, different motor/esc set up, different servo, new tires, and some awesome machined face kmc bullys.

I am happy with the paint job.
I didn't go as crazy on different colours.
Just metalic purple and gun metal grey sprayed in together.

is done....... again.


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That's pretty awesome.

So this truck was the Ring Bearer at your wedding?
Congrats on the wedding, she sounds fun and like she doesn't take things too seriously.

After the vows...
Why am i seeing the truck heading out of the venue with a little 'Just Married' sign and a bunch of dollhouse cans tied to the back?
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My now wife volunteered an RC crawler as a ring bearer as an idea, but I nixed it.

You are a much braver man than I.

Congratulations and felicitation.