Pistenbully 600


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Soo, this isn't a new project. I think i started it about 10-11 years ago. But things broke and my motivation went to other things! Been working on it on and off some times, but now i feel i have more time and motivation! First goal with this one was just to get it moving and working, and do a kinda scale look to it.

I guess im on my second goal now, more scale!

Foto 2021-11-03 14 09 46_edited.jpg

Yes, thats me in the background, the little one, 34 years ago!
Today i might have dropped my dremel on the cab.

Foto 2021-11-03 14 57 50_edited.jpg

Foto 2021-11-03 19 40 04_edited.jpg

My first thought was that this might take a while, my plan is a full interior, adding more lights, more details on the outside of the cabin aswell.
Mostly styrene but maybe some 3dprinting, but not that talented with CAD.

I ordered Tamiya Cement & Tamiya Extra thin Cement. Cant find my old glue from when i last worked with styrene, and tips besides Tamiya Cement?

Foto 2021-11-01 16 02 48_edited.jpg

Just a picture of it with no cabin! And yes, its 1:8 scale! More to come!


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This already looks really neat. Did you make the mechanical part?
Loads of room in that cabin to fit all sorts of scale stuff.

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This is incredible!

On the old rcsnowcats forum, there were a few scratch builders. A guy named "Michi" made a 5th scale (I think) Pistenbully. The company had him bring it to the snow cat trade show and he gave people rides around on it.