old style Oak framed barn workshop

Mikes tiny shed of dreams

Everything is covered in goop
I just picked these up from my dads place in France, they are marked "Labeur, Fabrique en France"

There is a pillar drill,
Drive support post, and drive shaft.
Sharpening and griding wheels (real stone!),
Table saw (real saw with teeth!),
Twin power hammers
Wood turning lathe. The lathe bed is bent and broken but somebody found some steel angle iron that looks about right and left it with the collection presumably with the intention of repairing it.

I thought it would be nice to clean them up and mount them in a model workshop so I'm going to document it here. I might make a little smokey model forge to go with the hammers too.

The table saw is pressed steel and is painted the same blue as the motor which also has pressed steel feet, the rest of the items are zinc based pot metal (zamak or mazak)

Apparently there was a company called Knapp in america that made similar items but perhaps a bit bigger the scale of these looks to be around 1/10


EDIT, just done some more searching and found out these are almost 100 years old!
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Those are very cool! They all look like they are functional too, not just static models.

Mikes tiny shed of dreams

Everything is covered in goop
...as a van man, I am here for the van. The barn is nice as well I suppose.
I was looking at some videos of the van today, I really want to use it again but the weather is shite at the minute.

I made some more progress today, finished the window frames (still need to glaze with clear acrylic) made a door (still needs hardware and hanging), a set of shelves, some saw horses, some panelling and a bench



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Always impressed by your work Mike! This is shaping up to be the perfect home for those classic mini tools.

Mikes tiny shed of dreams

Everything is covered in goop
Thanks for the nice comments, I have been working more on the barn this week, I finished the internal cladding with planks on the side wall and ply sheets on the end. I added insulation foam up top to keep the draughts out. I glazed the windows and added some light colours to give the impression of age. I have used antiquing wax to stain and weather the wooden items along with a mixture of different paints, I battered the table and saw horses a bit to give them some character. I coated the floor in expoy resin left over from my flocking kit and tamped it with a stick to give a concrete slab finish then painted that with automotive primer and some tamiya paint to add oil stains etc. still more details to add, lighting and clutter. I might add some roof rafters but not sure yet.

Some of the machine parts are broken so I've been learning to cast metal replacements in pewter using a two part silicone mold. not a great result but its only my first go.