Offroad and Rally Mashup Vid from some Ontario folks!


Maybe take up knitting.
Hey, all,
Here's a strange and wonderful mixup of some great rigs and rally cars! Some of our local lads got together for a super fun afternoon of dust and rocks!
A new release Clodbuster on LiPo action
3 XV01 cars (2 Subi and one VW) and a TT01 Rally Lancer
Dana's Class 2 Blazer K5 on SCX with leaf rear etc
GCM's Class 1 Jeep JK Bee
Canada Wraith on a 3s and 2 speed




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Nice. I did take some video from my TX attached camera which pointed in the good direction and caught some nice drifts, but it's all tilted :laughing: I think I'll have to add some counterweights, or make a TX steady cam.


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It was a great day! Awesome to see a clod buster ripping around! Ahhh the 1980' i miss those days