Noob electronics brand questions.


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Hey people. I'm new to rc and a question about servos and motors. I have many servos and motors of all kind being into electronics and engineering as a hobby. I see reefs and castle everywhere and in Canada they cost alot of money. 300 for some servos and the same for a bldc castles motor and spectrum esc.

Are there any brands that cost around 200cad or so for an esc, servo and bldc?

I'm new so I've been buying to tools to paint and build my own bodies. I've been buying tons of mechanical upgrades like portal axles and such. I plan to open a hobby shop and I'm giving myself a few years to learn about all the brands and such. I have a bunch of the dspower, injora and a couple futaba servos from doing unrelated builds and I've bought a lot of cheap motors and testing them at my electronics bench hasn't instilled hope for any of them in the 10 scale diy builds I have going on. They seem fine in the lighter scale stuff that dont carry as much weight. A lot of my diy builds are 20lbs before I've even decided on a good all around transceiver system.

Looking for any advice or experiences with the different brands please.