New Escort Audiosync vid

Headquake the H.O.P.


I made another Audiosync video with the big Mk1 Escort rally car on my track. This one features 3 laps worth of onboard gopro footage between a couple shot in my regular multicam look. The heavy body keeps the onboard camera steadier than i predicted actually, and gives a cool new perspective on the track layout.

I also added some crash footage at the end, so you can see what this car goes through to shoot these vids. Its gotten lots of scratches and dents in the last year. The roof is built strong and its stood up to many rollovers but the loud crack at 4:51 is the front end getting broke off for the 4th time. I had to glue it back together again to finish shooting. It always breaks nice and clean though, easy to fix.

I'm really trying to drive this car in a realistic manner. Its very tricky to control but i'm starting to get the slides looking better, also check out the pendulum turn action. Ha.

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Awesome one dude.

I just got a Going Professional knockoff called the Contour, from my brother in law,and now I can copy you!



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Wahoo... watching that suspension work is neat, it acts like an old car doesn't it?
I really like showing the misses at the end.


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Awesome video, really really Awesome. I'm an addict of the realistic bouncing through the corners of the Escort (my mom drove one when i was 8 or so, brings back memories!) It also one of the few onboard vids of an ''high'' speed car, that doesn't make ya instantly seasick!

btw I now see what you mean by the drying up of your track!


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Oh boy, that was great! SO NICE! I love the bloopers at the end. It was a real nice edit, man. The overdub is killer!


finally got to sit and enjoy that video. was fantastic thanks headquake. the begining when you walk out and flip it on its wheels really gives a good idea of how big that car is. looks great man.