Needing guidance as to putty choices


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I've run out of Tamiya basic putty which has been my go-to for the last few years. My local hobby shop is gone and though Hobby Lobby is not too far, they seem to have stopped stocking it for reasons unknown to me so I've been looking online and come to see Tamiya makes a basic putty, a polyester putty, and an epoxy putty, not to mention other brands such as Milliput and other types such as acrylic putty.

For me, simple is better and I was planning on sticking with the Tamiya basic but wanted to ask if there is something better for what I am doing - customized hard bodies from kitbashing of non-rc hard plastic car bodies. I widen, lengthen, section, and also add features such as flares so I need something easy to work with, but that doesn't crack as I am handling the body. I use my own form of plastic weld (used to be MEK and plastic shavings to form a goop) now using acetone and plastic to help make strong bonds when I have to join sections where there might be some stress.

I'm not sure the two part epoxy putty is the way to go for me unless it sands easily. I can be a bit too generous in my application and sandability is important.

Any sage wisdom out there before I buy?


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Well I don't know about any wisdom from over here but I highly recommend Milliput. I am new to the modelling stuff but I used Milliput on my Hilux lexan body where it meets a 3d printed bed. I found it very easy to work with, smoothing it out with water and when it was set I was able to file it / sand it down and shape it easily and although I haven't taken the truck out yet it has not cracked after a good few months of it being painted.

Hope this helps.