Need help with recreating my 1:1!

ABS is pretty flexible, well it can be.

Most car bumpers are made of it these days and are super flexible.
Okay, thanks. I’m going to try some ABS glue and hopefully it’ll work.

I tried Bobs CA Tire glue and it was stronger than MEK until it wasn’t lol.
I tried some ABS specific cement and still nothing has given me that ‘melt together bond’ that MEK does on styrene. I currently have 3 more glues clamped right now and I will leave them overnight and see if any of them work. I’m running out of ideas on how to go about this. I think my only other option is to get a plastic welder and hope it works.
still the same result. I think the only option now is a n electric plastic welder
Edit: this body is actually Polyethylene and styrene isn’t compatible. Looks like I’ll be building my own body anyway ::awwcrap
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check if your glue contain Methylene chloride (Dichloromethane), i have used this on several plastic like lexan, acrylic, plexiglas, abs, pla and petg
it's a solvent not a glue so it's like water, and i use syringe without rubber seal to apply (rubber inflate and become fragile when submerge)
when in the syringe, the heat of my fingers make it flow out of the needdle with out pressure so very volatile (stay away from the fume)
i like this because it's melting plastic together not glue them
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so I would say try the scratch build. it takes some time but you get just what you want. I have built from picture's a m715 Gladiator and a 2003 TJ Jeep this makes the rig all yours and not a everyday copy of a model. Its also fun too do.