MyTrickRc lighting problem! Help?


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I just installed a MyTrickRC DG-1 lighting controller with a lighting harness from Powershift Technologies specifically built for my China Jeep JK 2dr body.
the lighting harnesses are wired in parallel with inline resisters at each LED.
the controller powers up and will toggle through the different modes, but the lights won’t come on.
I checked output voltage and I am getting 3.7v on the white ports and 5v on the black ports.
I split the wiring harness in 2. and wired the headlights and front markers to Port A and the taillights to Port E per the instructions.
What could be wrong?

after a little more research I discovered the Powershift wiring harness has the resisters connected to the Positive Leads.
However the brake lights don’t seem to work in conjunction with the throttle.

Now my question is how do I set up my DX-5c to toggle through the lighting modes? (Red plug) plugged into Aux 2 on the Rx.
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