My roof is leaking


Weathering is addictive.
It all started with a technical concept art, which, although it has undergone changes, but the essence remains clearly the same - a squatter made of sticks, if only there was a place for your old work horse to stay.

- The main structure is made of pine, previously aged with a wire brush and stained.

- The floor was made of pvc 4mm thick and painted with concrete effect (I am more proud of it than the roof) And the frame had a removable and folding roof for ease of transportation.

- The roof............., oh, this roof and 15kW of electricity ... I wanted to save more time (as I hoped), and so i finally completed the technical part of my vacuum forming machine, which ultimately created more problems, with all the huge advantages of the new overhead heating configuration. New heating of the plastic gave new parameters of time and heights of the dies for good vacuumforming. But all in all everything works and I stamped the roof from 1mm styrene using a mold of pencils glued to a piece of wood.

Of course, everything is paired with aging and small details.

In the future, I think to cover the walls completely, except for the front, make some lights, the attic floor with junk and MAYBE place it at the countryhouse garden, so that it can acquire the gloss of life in a natural way.

And now i can take some scale shots of my trucks without all of this giant legs, leaves and trees at the bg.

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That looks great! Cool idea using pencils to form the roofing panels. It really helps pics getting the trucks up out of the jungle of giant grass blades.

I'm also really digging those old trucks and the Round fender Deere (60/110/112?)