My first weathering-Pro-Line Bronco


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So I decided to finally give weathering a try on this Pro-Line Bronco. Sprayed the black for the fender flares and window trim first. 2C93168A-4FA2-46B1-B08B-C167E588B26D.jpeg


Some kid on the internet
How rusty are you going to go? Like holes in the rocker panels or some mild surface rust?
I’m going for a mild surface rust look, bit of rust poking through, bit of silver showing through scratches.
It'll turn out great. I'm really good at messing paint up :laughing:
I figure, if I can’t make paint look nice, perhaps I can make it took bad to begin with!

Mr. T

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I'm excited to see this turn out. I get excited when painting and do too much all at once, haven't tried weathering myself. But my Phoenix isn't painted yet and my girlfriend suggested that i make it look old. That paint is on the outside right? What chassis is this body going to be put on?


This is very impressive but please stop teasing me by showing off you vs4-10. I can’t afford one yet. It’s unfair.

just kidding leave it. I’ll just admire. :drooler:


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Looks good to me :biggthumpup:

Put me in the camp of really liking the areas that had the overspray. Looks like proper sun bleached paint going through the top coat and the primer. I know next to nothing about weathering but I think you've got it about right, it seems very easy to go too far and end up with an unrealistic amount of rust.