Metal rollbar for the mashigan

Cory D

Supporting Member
Had a friend take off his top for the mashigan and on his first roll over he broke his windshield frame. I decided to try and save mine before I experienced the same fate.

I used 1/4" brake line and sorta copied the original. I welded nuts on the bottom of the tubes so it could be bolted from the bottom.


Next I made a front bar that was really close to matching the windshield going all the way to the floor.


Top still fits.


Cory D

Supporting Member
I was worried about the top corner of the windshield still taking a hit so I made a corner piece to help protect it.


Then to make sure the roll cage didn't pop through the floor boards I made a brace the goes from the frame to just underneath the front bar.


On a bonus count the doors don't pop open when you hit a harder bump. Guessing the body doesn't flex as much anymore.