Manitou FJ55


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Odd thing about the tracks, they seem like the kind of thing that one would see on a late model full-size chevy. Paired with an obnoxious vinyl wrap, piles of neon green bolt-on garbage, and a company name emblazoned on the hood/doors.

Yet on this classic landcruiser, they still look right. It feels like it should be on the cover of a vintage copy of Popular mechanics with an article about an artic expedition.

We must be getting closer to some snow pics...


I had finished the artic necessities for the truck, so I have been building outdoor accessories to make some better scenic spots in our backyard. Those tracks and all make it a workout to carry it out to the creek. Plus was hoping to build a new bridge and such to help catch some snow in the upcoming weeks.

I appreciate all the kind feedback. I agree the tracks are an odd move, but enjoy that many of you see the classic weirdness/coolness.

Hopefully some pictures soon.

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We got a tiny bit of snow, and I had a brief moment for some poser shots. Hopefully we get some real snow soon and I can take it for a real test run.

Lots of small changes you might not notice, but the best is we now have the front blinker lights, and all the sidemarker lights working. I always wished I had done the lighting better after the truck was completed. This was my first Mfab build, so I didn't know I should have done it during the initial build. Lots of fiddly work to make it happen, but totally worth it. Added the front light cages. They fit so well and kinda go with the tracked look. And I love the Christmas lights on my FJ62 roof rack, so the 55 got a set as well.

The snowboards are from a Tamiya Tundra kit I had, and I made the skis and poles myself.

And that's where the BobbleHomer went.

Thanks for checking it out.