Manitou FJ55


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Odd thing about the tracks, they seem like the kind of thing that one would see on a late model full-size chevy. Paired with an obnoxious vinyl wrap, piles of neon green bolt-on garbage, and a company name emblazoned on the hood/doors.

Yet on this classic landcruiser, they still look right. It feels like it should be on the cover of a vintage copy of Popular mechanics with an article about an artic expedition.

We must be getting closer to some snow pics...


I had finished the artic necessities for the truck, so I have been building outdoor accessories to make some better scenic spots in our backyard. Those tracks and all make it a workout to carry it out to the creek. Plus was hoping to build a new bridge and such to help catch some snow in the upcoming weeks.

I appreciate all the kind feedback. I agree the tracks are an odd move, but enjoy that many of you see the classic weirdness/coolness.

Hopefully some pictures soon.

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