Looking for a way to clamp a hard top down???


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Like it says guys. I'm stuck in finding a scale way to strap or clamp down the hard top on my cruiser. I have some pics to show what's in question. I'm up for a latch system or maybe a leather belt like strap.... I don't know. Please help.


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One thing I did on my tf2 was put set screws in the body posts where you would normally put the screws, then just stretch your body around them



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I've seen that trick. That's a great one. But I don't want something like that to hold on the hard top. The body mounting is good. Just the hard top.
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Putting it in "H"
I saw this on the FB page. What exactly are you trying to do, have it so the top is semi-permanent? Why not just mount it as per the instructions and remove it when you don't want it on?

Velcro wouldn't be strong enough, and everything else I can think of wouldn't be all that aesthetic.


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I don't know if this helps, but the hood on my Vette ala FIA GT3 build has two means of being held in place. There are some pieces of refrigerator magnets - (you know the ambulance chaser business cards that come attached to the latest edition of the phone directory) for the front edge. They are mounted to the body and a small piece of steel from a discarded windshield wiper blade is on the bottom of the hood. Along the sided I have thin velcro. At places like Home Depot you can get a small roll of thin velcro ties for tying up electrical and computer cables. They are two sided with a hook side and a fuzz side and they hold quite well despite their thinness. They might be just the ticket and they are inexpensive.

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Have you considered magnets? You could make any kind of faux strap or clamp you want but rely on the magnets to do the work. They really are quite strong.