Looking for a female driver figure for my wife's new RC.


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I just finished the chassis and body for my wife's TRX-4 Defender.
Next step is interior.
I want to put a female driver in but am having a hard time finding something to adapt for the purpose.

Ideally I would like to 3d print something that kinda looks like her, but my 3d modeling skills aren't there yet.

Any stl's floating around that might work?

Any other suggestions?


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I came across 6 inch pose-able figures on ebay. My wife says they are a bit too realistic for her taste :)


I've got a Hunger Games 'Katniss' that was going to drive my jeep, but didn't want to chop on enough to fit the shallow interior

There are also some pretty realistic girls from Walking Dead.


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Neca does a few Ellen Ripley figures.


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I use mostly Neca figures. I have the dad from Christmas Story driving my TRX4. They do make Sarah Connor from Terminator.

Then I buy clothes from the mentioned above Classictvtoys.com so the character more looks the part I'm going for.

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Whatever you find, the size is the most important thing to start with: like imthatguy said, search for 9-inch figures. I do believe that classic tv toys has them in female form, and they look realistic.


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I have always been pleased with my orders from classictvtoys except this last one where I ordered some jeans that came out men's capris instead.... They were not super helpful but I'll probably order from them again. Has anyone done the custom head option I see on the side bar of their site?