Ken Block's RaptorTrax


John Roberts
Inspired by Matt's Hoonivan Trax build, I converted my Trx4 Bronco to mimic Ken Block's Raptortrax. I was able to find a Ford Raptor with the same wheelbase from XtraSpeed, and practiced my stencil and painting skills on scrap styrene before going to the hardbody, and then I painted the Traxx center section. I still need to get and attach light bars and am deciding whether to keep the front bumper (Ken Block's Raptortrax just has a light bar), but overall I think the paint job came out well:

Ken Block's Raptortrax

My attempt:

IMG_2439 r.JPG
I am also waiting for the head and tail lights to arrive. I will post more but wanted to get some pics in before the storm/bomb cyclone/blizzard arrives in Western NY.