Intermediate CJ-5


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If you know your Jeeps, you'll know where this one is going. For those that don't, the intermediate CJ5 was the 72-75 years. These Jeeps still maintained many of the earlier exterior features but had a longer wheelbase to accommodate the 258 I6 engine. With better brakes and axles and the excellent 258, these are some of the most popular restorations in the 1:1 world.

I'm going to attempt 2 bodies at the same in stock form with stock rims and a soft top and one slightly modified with fender flares, larger tires(as seen below)and no soft top. Wish me luck... "thumbsup"

TF2 based with a scratch built CJ5, 3D engine, K44's and Rancho shocks.

Working the chassis from a reversed and shortened TF2. Needs more work but the basics are there.

Inspiration pics first...



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Scale Rancho Steering Damper for Scale Death Wobble? :laugh: know your Jeeps. It'll get matching Rancho shocks too.

The TF2 chassis seems to be a high quality one and very scale!
Good choice for this nice CJ5 ::2thumbs

After examining pics of the actual 1:1 chassis, reversing it, made it more viable for this build. The Axial receiver box works good for a simulated gas tank.


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This will be soooo good. I hope you are going with that yellow.

Wes of them will be yellow, although I'm still looking for the right yellow to use. Haven't decided on the color for the other one yet. Got the sides cut out and I'm working on the gas tank filler panel on the the driver side. Should have something to show over the weekend.


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Off to a great start my friend.
More of this please.

Looking more like a Jeep now. The rear will be rounded off, but that's for another day.


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Looks great, nice styrene!

Thanks...I think it's gonna turn out ok.

Oh boy, this is going to be good!!!

Been wanting to do a CJ for a long time.

Oh Boy !

Looking spot on my friend.
Going to be a fantastic lil jeep.

Thanks Ron...layering is old school 3D printing, lol.

I had to build 2 at the same time because I couldn't decide on just a stock look(which is my favorite) or a slightly beefed up version. Stock will be yellow and get a "soft top", the other will have the wheel/tire combo in my existing pics, roll bar, bikini top and fender flares. Color for this one is still a mystery and has not been revealed to me...yet.


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I've been thinking about color choices for the second Jeep and I came across a picture in the Google machine that I really like. It's Fairway Green with a white top and I think Tamiya's TS-20 Metallic Green should be close enough to make it look good. This is what I've decided to go with for the stock one...


The yellow one will be done the same as the pic in the first post...I changed my mind on that one a few times, but the yellow just looks to darn good with the black accents. "thumbsup"

Had a couple days off from work, so after the "Honey Do" chores were done, I got to work on the body some more. The sides are near complete, the firewall panels are cut, and the tailgates are started. I need to make a complete rear panel to determine the exact width for the rear floor and fender setup. That'll have to wait for another eyes are just too tired, and I need to be at the top of my game to do that and finish detailing the the tailgates. Here's what I have so far...


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wow looking good. I owned a 83 CJ5. its the one vehicle i wish i still owned. I always love a good Jeep build and this one is looking like it won't disappoint.


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wow looking good. I owned a 83 CJ5. its the one vehicle i wish i still owned. I always love a good Jeep build and this one is looking like it won't disappoint.

Thanks Wrencher. I still own 2 Willys CJ5's myself, but I'm wanting to sell them takers yet.

Yesterday I was looking around a website I like to get spray paint from, called Automotive Touchup and found they actually had Fairway Green so I ordered it up. I tried to get the Daisy Yellow but no love on that one. I did come across a Chevy color that looks very close, it's called Brimstone 2. I'll have to test it out before hand.


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Small update...sort of...these tailgates took awhile to get to this point. I had to replace the the top was too small and didn't look right. Just need the logos to finish them.


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My fingers have been severely split due to the weather. Even though I use O'Keefes on a daily basis, I had difficulty getting them to heal up enough to work on my projects. They have now healed here's a small update...more tocome.


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It's me again.
I so feel ya on the slit fingers.
I too have the same problems constantly.

Tailgates are near perfect my friend.::bigdrool
Wish I had the patients to do that kind of work.

quite the ambitions to make two at the same time to top it off.

Good stuff and keep at it.
I did see a very close 1:1 CJ version last night...It was longer though ...?And Smurfy Blue.
Had petite tubing for a canopy soft top.
Made me think of this thread though...... ;)::2thumbs


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Got a little behind, getting something done on this, but I'm back at it now. Rear corners for the body got me a little baffled at the moment, so...I went with some metal work today. I'm going to try to get the shock mounts done tomorrow.

Detailed the rear bumper and fabbed up the hitch, appropriate for the year I'm building. Painted it all up and used LURC zinc screws for the Grade 8 look.


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