I'm Here FOR YOU!!!


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Dear All!!! some of YOU know me since 2005... from old forums and for all my little items...
is a long time i have no time to follow forums and i'm sorry for this ! BUT i'm daily over facebook and pubblish into my page all my little items! the last production line is scale emblems; emblems made with a self build laser cutter and thanks that i can archieve tiny and tiny details!!! perfect for our trucks!
also I can do any kind of scale emblem just from photo and size you want; immagine what mean build from scratch your truck... but are able to add the tiny and clean touch given from an emblems set made right for you!!!

i will post into this my vendor section some of the ready made emblems set.

order something is really easy, by message or mail at info@rc-crawler.it or messenger over facebook at my personal page https://www.facebook.com/rc.crawler.it

paypal is the way and obviusly i ship worldwide!