Idaho's "Rocky River Farms".... and Trails. My journey for a back yard RC world


It's me again.
Two weeks into the build.
I had down poors, snow and 90 degree weather into crazy winds...…... did I say crazy winds...haaaaa
But we played truck.

Good times Good times.
Be safe , and Keep on truckin ;):biggthumpup:


It's me again.
just needs a mud pit like all good scale parks :laughing:

Water and mud....Bad on tiny scale trucks...ahahahaaa
I always say that to people.
I've been know to dive off into things with real 1:1's and tiny trucks.

Winds are supposed to be stupid crazy again for a few more days.
I have a half a broke tree coming down from last weekend and its about to crush tiny start gate. ugh.
Might have to hook up the pickup and pull it the rest way down to the ground before it does too much damage to the course.

Time and energy granted anyways....I might go get a few more loads of rocks this weekend ;)::2thumbs
I had a vision of an arched bridge of sorts and foam turned into concrete abutments look for it.
See what happens.
Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the thread.


It's me again.
Haaaaaa funny ahaahaha:laughing:

Well, thinking a couple trips for ….you guessed it....more rocks today...ugh

Crazy winds forcasted along with some rain and their saying a spattering of snow again.
Crazy Idaho weather anywhoo.

Big branch almost 3 feet from ground now, I did remove entrance last night to avoid being squished.
What a mess.
Hope to have a pic or two the next couple days my friends.


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have you seen rc sparks scale park it has 2 mud pits and it's super cool in my opinion im mudding my basher when my battery is charged, How is mud not scale unless you're talking about moab or something?


What the hell was that?!
have you seen rc sparks scale park it has 2 mud pits and it's super cool in my opinion im mudding my basher when my battery is charged, How is mud not scale unless you're talking about moab or something?

Have you ever seen Smiggin?s Folly? It?s my own scale park and it?s pretty good. Never said mud isn?t ?scale?. Off roading isn?t just driving through mud puddles.


It's me again.
It's all good.
Mud is a blast no doubts and legit.

I just am very lazy and hate cleaning up the mess and greasing and oiling things after the carnage.
The closet thing I have for a basher right now is my green yota. Hard to pound on a 600 dollar truck although it does well to keep up with the newer crawlers when you pick the lines correct.

I will have a small water feature eventually, and that being said...….
I was able to go get a quick load yesterday morning of larger rocks, You just never have enough you know :laughing:
More Tiny trucks supposed to come out late this morning and go round and round for a bit, If we don't freeze cause temps dropped again to the mid 40's and low 50's.
Need to go pick up all the branches and pine cones so the trails are clear of debris. ugh

Thanks for the views encouragements and comments guy.:biggthumpup:


It's me again.
haven't seen your park im just all about a mix of everything

All good my friend.
I always like advice and suggestion's on my threads.
Makes em that much more.
Very appreciated.

And a couple pics of the north facing area.
Slow goings but ;) ::2thumbs
Cant wait to plant some real pine looking trees and green plants.

swinging bridge, "not scale "...but to much fun not to have one.


It's me again.
beers man that yota is literally 10x more expensive then my go to basher :laughing:

Here ya go my friend...
Just a little wetness happening and had a few friends pop in to check out progress.

Gumbo could say.
Idaho spud dirt. Sticky and greasy, made for a slow no traction good time.
Enjoy and thanks for looking.

Good times , good times...;)


It's me again.
yee yee! i just cleaned my basher or id have a picture of it slinging mud

And proof that....If you build it...they will come. :laughing:
Had another small group of friends show up to try out new course.

More rocks...I need more rocks.
Was a hoot and got most of the mud knocked off mine while driving them.