Idaho's "Rocky River Farms".... and Trails. My journey for a back yard RC world


It's me again.
Simply Amazing, color me jealous, I hope to find time this year to work on my backyard. I've always envisioned it being an old mining area so this is great inspiration for my build. We also have squirrels and racoons, but moisture and rot are more of an issue down here, so I'm stuck with treated only lumber.
Thank you
Most of the structures are treated 5 inch planks ripped down to all the small sizes.
Bang for the buck ....
I was supper careful not to stay in the line of path of blade because the wood treatment stuff misted.
I also wore a face mask so I didn't inhale much of it.

Here are a couple very quick shots of it in our first real snow for the season.


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I use fence wood to build things, it's cheap and treated, I've only built a few bridges yet, next is some structures.

The pics look great, love the snow, not enough to move to where it snows. ::D:


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Snow is perfect Ron, what a beautiful view! I hope the townsfolk are well prepared for winter, have they put a Xmas tree up by chance?


It's me again.
Snows melting.
Pics today hopefully of how things are weathering and holding up for the ending of the season.
More soon. ::2thumbs

Tinkering Greg

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That is an awesome backyard scale course. If we ever get done moving [I realized I have way too much stuff] I hope to build some type of mini truck course. Our to us new house has a decent sized yard with some natural hills and rocks to play on so we will see what happens, though I know it will not be anything as great as what you have accomplished.
Thanks for sharing


It's me again.
Thanks guys.
It's been slowing goings this spring with all the silly weather and other projects.
Ive only cleaned the course up like 200 times already from branches from all the high winds.
The flowers are trying to come back, only 2 baby sage brush have managed to live but things are starting to green up.
Along with the evasive weeds...ugh.
Hope to have sum thing come along shortly for some pictures.
Just not enough time in the day lately.

Thanks for following along the journeys.


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Oooo I got all excited thinking there were gonna be spring pictures ::pray.
Hope you get the chance for some tiny truckin soon Beers !


It's me again.
Oooo I got all excited thinking there were gonna be spring pictures ::pray.
Hope you get the chance for some tiny truckin soon Beers !
Thanks Sean.
I actually walked around the little course last night.
I need to rake more branches up.....again..ahahahahaa.
See if I cant get some pictures for you all this weekend.