Idaho's "Rocky River Farms".... and Trails. My journey for a back yard RC world


It's me again.
Idaho's "Rocky River Ranch".... and Trails. My journey for a back yard RC world

Greetings and Hello.
Started a few back yard trail courses in the day, Most I blew back up ever trying to achieve something I liked.
Example...whiskey hill...

That being said, come along for the journey on a permeant little back yard detailed course for tiny trucks.

Layout, started with what will be a large creek bed of sorts.
Lava rocks breed and multiply in the South East Idaho region so why not use a few..hehehehe
Free is always good too.
Sage brush works the charm for scale trees. Be expecting a lot of them to block the views.:laughing:

I've already a good start on some pieces to be strung around the thing.
Box car shop, old bikes etc....maybe one day a trailer house.
Enough with the chitter chadder.

The beginnings...?
Vision in hand ...?.now comes the work. ugh!
Welcome to " Rocky River Ranch ".... and Trails.

Back Yard.
Great spot for shelter and shaded. Just a pain to keep cleaned up.

The humble beginnings.

And around the corner we shall go ;)

3 day weekend here, should make lots of progress.
Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the journeys.


It's me again.
And to keep the wife happy, we need to hide it as a Rock and trail garden of sorts.
Some inspirational photos.
Rock Garden 3.jpg


It's me again.
Very nice ranch!::2thumbs

Thank you.
Very humble start no doubts.
long ways to go.

I'm not digging the little fence for the front arch way, Probably move it elsewhere and just leave the entrance open.

I'll be trying to figure out a spot for small home stead shack and other junk today.
Might attach it all to a board that can removed for the winter as the snow drifts pretty good and deep in the corner behind the Bully Barn.


It's me again.
Wow, just love all the details!

Thank you my friend.
I'm just getting started.:laughing:
Their are some really great threads on scale trails and courses.
See where inspiration leads me next.

Lets see, I got this far once planting the shop and shack.
I ran to the river where the county Road n Bridge cut out some willows and have them in big piles.
I seen this look at a couple events and on a scale course or two, I liked it and I'm trying to keep the elevation in the back of everything with a gradual down ward as it gets closer to where you stand by bully barn. To help eliminate walking on the tiny trails,... and you can just sit still …..and see everything while driving. I know people with bad backs that cant motate much and need to sit.

Need a load of dirt and rocks soon though to build up a few areas.
Slow goings but ::2thumbs

This week I'll haul in a few more loads of rock.
See if a local farmer will let me get a load or two of nice clean top soil.
Thanks for looking and hope your enjoying the build.


It's me again.
That's some great progress straight out of the gate. Nicely done.

lol my back yard is not as good but itll be fine for my china im waiting on.

Thanks Guys, very appreciated.
Encouragements much needed ahahahah.
Neighbor kids are bringing friends already to come play.
It's going to get busy is my thoughts, they came back three times to my wifes dismay :laughing:
Might have to set a certain time limit and schedule of sorts.
I played with the Orange rc4wd Blazer and found a bunch of things I didn't like about it with them for a while.

I was able to fire up my 86 1:1 blazer and go out to the desert for a tiny load of big rocks.
Plans are to do it again today and tomorrow so I have a big pile of rocks to chose from for this coming weekends efforts.

More soon ;)
Thanks again.


It's me again.
Already looks amazing!

Thanks n00b.
Hope to build something as nice as "smiggins" of sorts.
I really appreciate the time and efforts you've put into it, Its no doubts a lot of work.

Well , in almost a week we have the simple basics started. From rain and even a spattering of snow to 90 degree weather.
Haaaaaa welcome to Idaho, don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes.
I did a little more addition from the two loads of rocks from last two days.
Pic coming soon..
The neighbor kids asked for a bit more of a challenging spot for their Crawlers, So it ought to be epic carnage for a scale truck or two :laughing:

Thanks for the views and encouragement's.
More soon.


It's me again.
Ooopsy, forgot to mention.
You can see an old dog house roof in a few pics....
Plans are to drag it out and make a scale looking old school Barn.;)
Can we save it,....yes we can.....
Plus the eye sore needs to change. Might as well make it eye appeasing and fall in with the theme of things.

So much to little time :laughing:::2thumbs


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Wow !!! Fantastic start, layout is great, rocks are great, your detailed diorama builds are just over the top ::starstruck:luv:

Keep it up my friend ::2thumbs


It's me again.
Wow !!! Fantastic start, layout is great, rocks are great, your detailed diorama builds are just over the top ::starstruck:luv:

Keep it up my friend ::2thumbs

Thanks klako.
I'll try and snap a few pics today of new area under construction, and tiny trucks in action on the course.