Hub help


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In a rush before I went to work I bought rc4wd stamped steelies at my lhs. The hub that came with them is made to be narrow and just use the cross pin on he axle.
Does anyone know if vanquish slw 225 hub will work with rc4wd wheels, or are the rc4wd +3 similar.

Thank you for any information in advance.


If I recall, the SLW hubs are not a direct fit. The screw holes on the RC4WD wheels need to be enlarged to accept the larger imperial screws used on the SLW hubs. Although I do not remember if that mod works on the 1.55 and 1.7 wheels or just the 1.9.

Also the +3 rc4wd hub is +3mm, the SLW 225 is .225 inches, which is 5.7mm

Rc4wd does offer a +6 offset hub for their 1.9 size wheels.